Welcome to the chip archive, home of mirroring chiptunes and the tuca project since 2021!

Hello, please choose a spot on the archive where you would like to go via the list above.
To learn about me and the history of the project you can read the...
About page.

The opendirectory.

For now, this place doesn't have much to offer, but if you want to see the entire archive including mirrors, the open directory is at.
This link.

Folder syncing and mass downloading.

If you want to use software like wget2 to download the opendirectory you can, but I recommend you sync the folder so you always stay on top of when the folder updates. To do so, you'll need a program like.
Resilio Sync and bit torrent sync, a program that functions like torrents, and is very uceful for syncing huge files.
Resilio Sync.

If you're using the NVDA screen reader and don't want to mess with NVDA object nav too much, you could also use the much older but still uceful Bit Torrent Sync.

Old Bit Torrent Sync

This is the sync key for the folder. BSHUHBWVGWQX3UOA5TGYOR2H2VHXWFXBM

If you know of ways to make a torrent and get it up on a tracker, please get in touch! My email is thechiparchiver@gmail.com